How to Get Scholarship to Study in Canada

How to Get Scholarship to Study in Canada

Canada is a wonderful country and inviting for all kinds of students, but one thing which holds back many from making the dream of a wonderful career trip to Canada a reality is the lack of financial support for them. The winters are harsh and it is a very expensive and complex task trying to get funding from colleges and universities in Canada. With this in mind, the government of Canada has come up with some scholarship schemes so as to encourage scholars to come and earn a degree in any of the fields of arts, humanities, commerce and other areas. One such scholarship to study in Canada for Indian students is the scholarships for masters in Canada. This kind of scholarship is available mainly to qualified and talented Indian students studying subjects like engineering, architecture, commerce, management and even business administration.

There are several different kinds of programs that are available for this kind of scholarship to study in Canada. Two main types are the ones that provide a financial help or scholarship in exchange of a full tuition fee and the ones that give an allowance in terms of board and lodging along with books, tuition fees and the like. For the first type, the candidate needs to be very sure of his/her choice of courses as the scholarship to study in Canada is specifically designed for scholars who intend on pursuing doctoral studies in academic disciplines related to the said fields. In order to qualify, the candidate need to be enrolled in an eligible post-secondary institute with an average undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.5. As for the second type, candidates need not necessarily be on the lookout for doctoral degrees, but can be eligible for an array of different scholarships to study in Canada provided they fit the criteria. Some of these scholarships to study in Canada for Indian scholars are the following:

* The first scholarship to study in Canada for Indians is the MBA Scholarship which is offered by two prominent Canadian universities – the Simon Fraser University and the Ontario Institute of Engineer Education & Technology. This scholarship is ideal for prospective MBA students as it covers all the costs of distance learning while at the same time, students are provided with the opportunity to experience the benefits of a full time MBBS program in addition to their studies. In addition, in order to keep reading between the lines, the money that is provided to students studying in India is primarily used for research expenses. Students taking up MBA programs at these Canadian universities are able to opt for programs focusing on areas like accounting, finance, economics, global management, information systems and health sciences.

* The next scholarship to study in Canada for international students is the Excellence Plus Foundation Scholarship Program. This program is offered by three of the Canadian universities – the University of Toronto, Montreal and Simon Fraser University. Similar to the other two Canadian universities, this scholarship is also open to international students who possess strong academic profiles as well as potentials of becoming globally competitive researchers, entrepreneurs. Similar to other scholarships, the fees to be paid for this scholarship depend on the location where you are studying. As per the rules, fees to be paid for this scholarship are paid only after you have been awarded the scholarship.

* The third scholarship to study in Canada offered to international students is the Canada Student Grant. For students who do not qualify for the above scholarships, this program offers a full scholarship in addition to other financial assistance including tuition assistance. In other words, this program caters to students who may not have all the academic requisite’s to apply for a Canadian university degree. Financial assistance provided to students in this case is generally dependent on financial need as well as on the academic achievements.

* The fourth scholarship to study in Canada for international students pursuing doctorate degrees is the Fomonte-Kappelle Scholarship. This scholarship awards up to sixty,000 cad, which can be used for various purposes including tuition fees. Like the other three Canadian universities, this scholarship is available to international students pursuing doctorate degrees in fields such as business, law, education and engineering.

* The last scholarship to study in Canada offered to international students is the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada. This is a government administered scholarship program that supports students from various countries of the world in pursuing post-secondary studies in Canada. Two types of options are made available to eligible candidates: the Government of Canada scholarships and the institutional scholarships to study in canada. The students applying for either option must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents. Also, two types of institutions are available: private non-government and public non-government.

The four types of scholarship to study in Canada offered by government bodies include the Federal Students Program, the International Student Scholarships Program, the Canadian Foundation for Student Grants, and the provincial/territorial governments’ Academic Qualification Program. The first four programs provide financial assistance to eligible international students. The other program aims to encourage students from different countries to participate in higher education in Canada. The International Student Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to qualified international students in undertaking master degrees, doctorate and post-graduate studies in Canadian universities and colleges. The Canadian Foundation for Student Grants supplies funding to Canadian students participating in post-secondary education programs in other countries.


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